Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hello stranger

Where have I been?! Well, let's see. The holidays happened. I went to Alabama to visit the Southern side of my family for Thanksgiving. We went to a great flea market where I saw many unique, special and, at times, disturbing items... these beautiful pheasant pelts, although I think they would have been prettier on the pheasant.

...and this poor turkey that is collecting dust. Just look at that face...

...only a mother turkey could love it, but doesn't he look so sad (and dusty!)?

But my dad found some preserves that he loved...

And I found a booth that appealed to the Elle Woods in me.

Then Christmas happened...

and I got engaged!

(yes this is my ring!!!)

Then New Year's, which brought about a nasty upper respiratory infection that has lasted until today. I am finally feeling better and am heading to the warm weather of the West tomorrow. When I return I will be back to posting and planning my future with my boo!

Ain't love grand?