Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weapons of destruction...

A couple of years ago, two of my best friends, Heath and Lindsay, gave me this awesome grenade oil lamp for my birthday.

(the gold one!)

And now I think I want to pick up one of these beautiful bomb flower vases.

What do you think this says about my design aesthetic?

No, no, no....just...no.

Ok, I love bacon. I do. It is so delicious and breakfast just isn't the same without it. Do you know what IS good without it, though? Vodka. I'm sure of it. But if you aren't as convinced as I am, then this is for you:

That's right. Bacon flavored vodka. You can make cocktails with names as enticing as "Irish boar". Who wouldn't want to drink that? Oh yeah, me. And people with a gag reflex.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nesting is fun!

I have been buying new furniture, hanging pictures and organizing. Did I move again, you ask?!? No! I just decided to start making my house a home. I think I am so used to moving ever year and a half or so that I always set up house (paint, buy a few new items, but no big ticket purchases), but never actually settle in. Now that I own my own condo, I'm completely making it mine.

So what have I purchased? A new, lucite (or invisible, as my friend Ara likes to say) coffee table that looks super fab in my living room. By the way, this is not my living room, but I will be posting pictures of all my new purchases in their natural habitat very soon.

peekaboo coffee table

But buyer beware, if you have a super rambunctious kitty, you may want to equip him or her with protective headgear before introducing this coffee table. My cat almost knocked herself out after running through the living room at top speed!

I also bought a great shag rug that goes underneath my new coffee table. This replaces the flokati rug that my sweet Biscuit mistook as her litter box after she lost her lady parts.

And I got this awesome mirror for my bedroom. It is HUGE and I love it!

And then and THEN and THEN I finally bought a new duvet cover!

I'm not sure if you can tell from this picture just how beautiful it is, but trust me...it is beautiful!

I also finally framed some great prints that I have been keeping in a drawer for way too long. My mom bought me this awesome owl print for Christmas that has been desperately waiting to be hung.
I ordered my frames online from American Frame and I have to recommend them. I was a little nervous about it at first because you have to assemble them yourself, but it is so easy and inexpensive that I may never buy frames from a walk-in store again!

I'll update with more pics soon and I may have an online poll to decide what wallpaper I'm going to put in my foyer!