Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ménage à trois, anyone?

Just you, me and the love rug.

A shower fit for a queen...

A really tacky queen.

I mean, I love a chandelier and I love a shower, but this might be a bit much. Plus, is this even safe?

Like, wow...

This is truly unbelievable. A super-genius, named Amit Goffer, has invented the ReWalk. This is a device that actually allows paraplegics to walk! Observe:

The system, which requires crutches to help with balance, consists of motorized leg supports, body sensors and a back pack containing a computerized control box and rechargeable batteries.

The user picks a setting with a remote control wrist band -- stand, sit, walk, descend or climb -- and then leans forward, activating the body sensors and setting the robotic legs in motion.

This makes me so happy to be alive in the 21st century. It is amazing that someone who thought that they could never walk again, can actually have the opportunity to do just that. Thank you, science, thank you.

Friday, August 29, 2008

What in the hair?

It seems to be that time of year again when I start to get bored with my hair. This leads to me peruse the web and look for the "perfect" new style. Typically, I don't find much which is why I have had a variation on the same style for about 6 years now. I did manage to find a great resource for new inspiration at the Hairdresser's Journal website. There are thousands of photos to browse through and you can narrow your search by length, color and even decade. Some of the styles from past decades are insane! Check out this updo from the 50's:

Yikes! And this updo from 1969 is no better!

Hilarious!!! And the 70's did hair no favors...

and then...

Holy moly. All of this makes me start to think that my hair looks pretty good.

But just to show you that current styles can be just as out of control, take a look at the "striped series":

Although, I must admit that I think there is something kind of cool about this look. But these next ones take it to a whole other level:

I could seriously do this all night. I suggest you check out the gallery yourself and if you find a look you think I might like, please e-mail it to me!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

What a difference 2 months can make.

I don't typically talk about celebrities on this blog (although I must admit "celebrity" is a bit of a stretch in these particular cases), but when I realized that Ali Lohan and Dakota Fanning are only 2 months apart in age I had to share this shocking news.

Observe how 14 years can look so dramatically different:

Dakota - February 23, 1994

Ali - December 22, 1993

All I can say is wow. Oh, and what's wrong with Ali's face?


I love toast. It's a simple breakfast, but so satisfying. My favorite is peanut butter and honey. Yum! If you love toast, too, then you may be interested in checking out the Toaster Museum . I had no idea there were so many ways to heat up a piece of bread! And so stylishly at that. Here are some of my favs:

This the Clem in yellow. He's British and about 80 years old!

This is the T22. His name isn't nearly as cute as Clem's, but I like his lines. And he looks pretty good for a 68 year old Canadian.

This is the Maybaum, and it reminds less of a toaster and more of one of those old school microphones....
I wonder if this microphone was made in Germany, too?

Anyway, enjoy the museum and save an egg ... Eat Toast!

Monday, August 18, 2008

God Bless You!

I just realized that one of my favorite blogs, The Sneeze, is back after a long hiatus. I laughed out loud in the first 60 seconds. He is a comic genius! Check it out!

I'm mad...

Not angry, just a bit crazed. Well, you know I had my condo warming and you would think that I would be done looking for ways to improve on my new home, but I seriously have a problem because I CAN'T STOP! Every store I pass by, every website I browse and every television show I watch is keeping my brain spinning around what I can do next. Maybe this is what it means to be a home owner, but I am becoming (or have become) quite obsessed. So the latest and greatest search is based on my new found love for the AMC original show "Mad Men" (on Sundays at 10/9 central).

This show is based in the 60's in Manhattan and the set design is incredible. I love everything from the clothing to the draperies, but most recently I am in love with this:

Not the half-naked man or the smoking blonde, but the turquoise blue velvet tufted headboard. Every scene that involves this headboard, goes in one ear and out the other. I can't focus, people! I must have the headboard. Or one in it's likeness. And believe it or not, this is something I legitimately need. Look at my sad bed all alone without a headboard...

Just imagine a velvet tufted headboard in white or possibly mustard? Beautiful, right? So, my OCD mind has been searching the internet and have come up with several less than perfect options, but I want to share them with you nevertheless.

So, this one is close, but the color may not be quite right. It is from Horchow
and the price is a bit steep at $750 after shipping.

Then there is this one from Urban Outfitters:

It's about half the price, but does it look tacky?

And speaking of tacky, check out this monstrosity:

Via So Haute

I'm all for art deco/nouveaux, but this is a little over the top. It's no surprise that this bedroom belongs to none other than sister of the queen of all things tacky, Miss Nicky Hilton.

Anyway, wish me luck in my search and let me know if you think of any places I should check out. I'll be sure to let you know once I find something suitable.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I somehow doubt this...

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

That's right...microwave pancakes that are "better than homemade!". Who are they trying to kid? I think they may be in cahoots with the makers of the batter blaster.

It's been a really long time...

I know, I know! And I'm sorry! But I have moved into my new condo and I LOVE IT! There is still alot to do, but here are some pictures of my new place. Keep in mind, I've only been here for 3 weeks which is why there is no artwork hung on the bedroom walls. This will change...eventually...

Here is Nestor, welcoming you to her new home.

The living room.

My kitchen and my sweet Joel.

More kitchen.


My tiny, navy bathroom. I love it!

Bedroom, part one. I really need to hang my curtains.

Bedroom, part 2. I really need a comforter.

Bedroom, part 3. I REALLY need to hang my artwork.

I'm so happy about my mirrored end table.

Thanks for stopping by and you are welcome at our house any time.