Monday, February 25, 2008

Chance of rain 80%

If you are a Boston resident, you know that the weather here is incredibly unpredictable. It is a beautiful day today, but tomorrow the rain/snow combination, that we are becoming all too familiar with, will be back. Not to mention, how cumbersome your trusty umbrella can be during a downpour when you have coffee in one hand and your Blackberry ringing in the other. Introducing Nubrella...

Look how space-age cool you will be...HANDS FREE.

Ok, seriously, I'm alright with using my hands. This is possibly one of the dorkiest things I have ever seen. It's right up there with the Bluetooth, in my book. I don't want to walk around looking like a crazy person, talking to myself OR being eaten by a transparent Pac-Man. God gave us hands for a reason!

But just in case you don't mind the sneers of your peers, you can buy the Nubrella here.

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Marta Ager said...

Bring umbrellas to UK?