Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to the neighbohood...

It only took a month and a half, but I am been officially welcomed to my new home by a bat wielding neighbor. Maybe it wasn't a bat, but whatever it was it totally busted out my passenger side window. If you are a potential thief/welcome wagon and are reading my blog (assuming that you are literate), I would appreciate a nice bottle of red wine next time. Now I have to buy one for myself in order to help deal with the stress of this violation.

In case you are wondering, I had NOTHING in my car to steal. No Ipod, no CDs, nothing of value. Not even an umbrella in the back seat. So my new friend smashed my window and opened the glove compartment to find my registration and about 20 Dunkin' Donut napkins (I'm always prepared for a spill). That's it. What a waste of a perfectly good window. And I was parked on a main street...right across from my bedroom window UNDER A STREET LAMP. I don't know how I could have done anything more to keep this from happening. So now my question is do I buy The Club for my car? Or do I just leave my glove compartment open and a note on the dash that says "There is nothing in here worth stealing. Please don't break my window"? I'm just bummed because I love my new condo and, up until now, my new neighborhood. Any suggestions?


Leah said...

Welcome to Every City, USA. I've had that happen to me twice in Philly, and like you once was directly in front of my house under a street light. They made out with my brand new car stereo. I wouldn't let it ruin your image of the neighborhood my case it may (or may not) have been the roughneck teenagers that lived around there always looking for trouble.

I bought a club, and used it when I lived there. I have one still, but don't use it any longer. Mainly out of laziness. Not that I think my new neighborhood is THAT much safer.

I guess just make sure that you continue with the leave nothing in your car trick and perhaps leave your glove compartment open...and hope that America becomes a place for people with ethics rather than a bunch of hoodlums.

(I realize that I sound 80 yrs old right now.)

Anonymous said...

I had window broken 3 times at my one place in Philly...

I solved the problem by just leaving my car unlocked.

This worked quite well.

The car was gone through a few times after that (with the items of my glove box scattered on my passenger seat) but I never lost another window.

- Brad

P.S. Sorry to hear this!

Andrea Ramsden said...

I vote for the note! I also feel for you... what a pain.
Hunter would say, "Darn it, Cowboy!"
It's what he says when he gets mad...