Saturday, December 8, 2007

Current Obsession

I have discovered a company out of Montreal that makes the most beautiful, retro-inspired outerwear...Soia & Kyo. I love more than one of these coats and really can't decide which one I want!

Would it be completely overindulgent to get two?

Winters in Boston mean that jackets are actually part of my daily wardrobe. I can't wear the same one everyday now, can I?

Check them out here: Soia & Kyo


Pixie said...

That white one fell right out of heaven. Unfortunately my life is covered in black cat hair. Sigh.

Villarreal said...

go for the white one, don't event think about it, its superb.

Maclaine said...

Probably too late for this, but I just figured I'd add another vote for the white one.