Friday, August 29, 2008

What in the hair?

It seems to be that time of year again when I start to get bored with my hair. This leads to me peruse the web and look for the "perfect" new style. Typically, I don't find much which is why I have had a variation on the same style for about 6 years now. I did manage to find a great resource for new inspiration at the Hairdresser's Journal website. There are thousands of photos to browse through and you can narrow your search by length, color and even decade. Some of the styles from past decades are insane! Check out this updo from the 50's:

Yikes! And this updo from 1969 is no better!

Hilarious!!! And the 70's did hair no favors...

and then...

Holy moly. All of this makes me start to think that my hair looks pretty good.

But just to show you that current styles can be just as out of control, take a look at the "striped series":

Although, I must admit that I think there is something kind of cool about this look. But these next ones take it to a whole other level:

I could seriously do this all night. I suggest you check out the gallery yourself and if you find a look you think I might like, please e-mail it to me!

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Nicole R. said...

I had my hair bleached platinum blonde two weeks before I got pregnant, and now I have 20 weeks' worth of roots. I sort of resemble that last photo in the "striped" series. Not in a good way.