Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can I cry for just a minute?

I just found some devastating news. Ok, no one died, I still have my job and my wonderful fiance, so I suppose I am being melodramatic, but WAHHH! My favorite of all favorite magazines is going kaput! Domino magazine is no longer. I have every issue! And, just because I'm whining...why did they just send me a renewal letter for 2 more years?! What a tease! I guess I should cancel my check, huh? Last time this happened, Blueprint magazine went under before my subscription was up and I was stuck with Martha Stewart Living for 9 months. Who knows what I will get in place of my beloved Domino. Sigh.


1 comment:

Pixie said...

I found out while you were on vacation. I was THISCLOSE to texting you about it but I didn't want to wet blanket your fab trip!