Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Little things are cuter than big things

I'm back from my vacation and it was such a nice, relaxing break from the cold Boston winter. I had the good fortune to arrive in Arizona one week after my mom's miniature horse had her baby! A baby miniature horse! A tiny, tiny horse! Do you understand what I am telling you? No? Take a looksie:

So you can get a bit of perspective, I am 5'3". Not tall at all, but look at me compared to my mom:

It's like I'm a giant! So as you can tell from the previous video, my mom is taller than the momma horse who is taller than the teeny baby horse! Now check this out (and make sure your volume is up):

Can you believe how cute and tiny little Apache Tear is? I thought my head was going to explode on several different encounters, which explains this protective headgear:

After visiting with my mom, I got to spend some quality time with my sweet sister. We stayed at the super hip Mondrian hotel in Scottsdale for 2 nights.

We had such a great time and I definitely recommend the Mondrian (they have one in LA, too) if you are in the area and want to pamper yourself a bit.

Then I met up with my boo in sunny California where we spent time with his lovely family. Including his brand new niece, Laurel:

Again with the tiny!

And of course, we got to spend time with Joel's incredibly adorable nephew, Isaac, who is less tiny than last time I saw him, but still little and so, so cute!

All in all, it was a truly wonderful vacation and I loved getting to spend so much time with the ones that I love and don't get to see enough.

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