Thursday, October 21, 2010

Come on, get happy!

image credit:  Gregory Gibbons
This is the Dymaxion, a concept car developed in 1933 by a US inventor and architect named Buckminster Fuller who is best known for designing the geodesic dome.  Well, actually this is the newest version of the Dymaxion car that has been re-worked by Fuller protégé, Norman Foster.

I totally love it because it reminds me of my favorite camping vehicle (says the woman who never goes camping), the Airstream.  If I owned the Dymaxion I would feel obliged to have 8 kids and tour the country singing songs about love and happiness and all things mod.  Or maybe I would turn it into a traveling pop up shop and sell all kinds of nifty gift items.  Who wants to contribute to my newest business venture?  Silent partners with fat wallets need apply.

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