Monday, January 28, 2008

Artsy fartsy

I've always enjoyed creating things, whether it be music, art or photography. Drawing has been something that I have loved for years, although I've never thought that I am particularly good at it. Lately, I've been trying my hand at creating objects on paper that may or may not be considered art (depending on who you ask!). I am certainly no Monet or Van Gogh, but I am beginning to think that art is in the eye of the beholder anyway. I am happy with what I am creating and feel like other people may find something that they like about it as well. Eventually, I am going to set up an Etsy store where I can display what I have been working on. For now, here is a bit of a sneak preview.

These are from my "Circles" collection:

And these are my 'birdies". I just love them!

None of these pieces are completely finished yet, but I am so excited to have a scanner. Now I can share my progress with you!


mishka said...

Oh my! I love them! So multi-talented of you. btw, I've been itching to "create things" lately, we should have a drawing date.

Nicole R. said...

I love your birdies too! Thanks for sharing.