Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Japanese think of everything....

and make it super cute, too!

This is an autonomous snowplow named Yuki-taro.

He will scoop up your snow...

And make it into tidy blocks of ice for easy removal.

Isn't that so adorable? and handy? I would much rather see these little guys tooling around the streets of Boston after a snowstorm than those grumpy plow drivers. I vote yay for Yuki-taro!


Brad said...

All well and good until a small child tries to hug one. It's like a giant Roomba packing 10 arm-severing horsepower.

And if political relations ever went south you know it'll only take a flip of a switch for the Japanese to turn these things into man-eating war-bots.

Just saying I don't trust 'em.

kyle said...

that's hilarious