Saturday, April 12, 2008

Child of the 70's

First of all, I want to say that I am so sorry that I haven't been gracing you guys with my witty and awe-inspiring blog posts, but my day job is cutting into my creative time. The nerve! Even though this is the craziest time of the year for me, as far as my job is concerned, I promise to, over the next 5 months or so, post as often as I possibly can. And know that if I'm not posting for you fine people, I am thinking about it!

Ok, on with the post...My friend Jon Ginoli, is the lead singer of my all-time favorite gay band, Pansy Division. Years ago, I was lucky enough to meet him and the other Pansy members when my band, Servotron, hit the road with them. We did many shows together and had a ton of fun, but during all that time, Jon never told me about the amazing awesome-ness that he was fortunate enough to grow up with in Peoria , Illinois. Behold The Groovy 70's Basement:

Here is a description of this retro time capsule, written by Jon:
This basement was decorated during 1970 and early 1971 in Peoria, Illinois, in the house I grew up in, and where my parents still live. It was that period where '60s hippie and countercultural concepts had filtered down to people like my open-minded Republican mom. She picked out everything--wallpaper, furniture, light fixtures. Her decorator had a field day, because it was so far out. As a kid, I thought it was really cool, and so did my friends. My parents used to entertain a lot, and I had parties there in grade school and high school. It's also where I did my homework!

It became outdated rather quickly, but except for the fabulous red shag carpet (later damaged and replaced) it has remained intact for almost 40 years.

Now it's a period piece, and if this basement was in Sherman Oaks or Brentwood it would probably be used for authentic location filming.

I can't believe that they have never changed it! Everything is so groovy I can barely stand it.

I love this sofa.

And I actually want these chairs! Also, the foil wallpaper is just too amazing.

Here is Jon in the bar, looking adorable I must say.

If you want to see more pictures (and Jon's mom, the creator of this step back in time), go to the Groovy 70's Basement's myspace page right here.

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