Monday, April 21, 2008

I see a trend starting...

Today I got an e-mail from Jose Canseco. No joke. Looking for a 2 bedroom in Brighton. He is sort of a criminal. I mean, not Son of Sam level, but steroid rages are a strong possibility.

This is not a man I would feel comfortable being alone in my car with. Definitely not without a shirt. And I think I will ask him to leave the baseball bat at home.

Fyi...Jose Canseco did e-mail me, but I highly doubt it was the same Jose Canseco that did this:


Lindsay said...

I'm, like, really impressed that you even know who Jose Canseco is. Remember when you thought Peyton Manning played on the Patriots? You totally heart sports.

Pixie said...

This is so completely hilarious, I can't stand it. I feel almost on the verge of pranking you to keep the ball rolling.