Monday, April 21, 2008

Marathon Monday

I don't have too long to post today because I have to get ready to run for 5 straight hours.

HA! No freakin' way. Are you kidding me? I have so much admiration for the people that can do this, but honestly I only run if something is chasing me and even then it better not chase me for more than two blocks or I'm in big trouble. (I should really spend more time at the gym).

But I do love Marathon Monday. It is the one day where I physically can't go into work, even if I wanted to, and it is a nice feeling. So I am spending much of my day relaxing and mentally decorating my new condo (less than 2 weeks to closing!). I was doing alot of online research last night, specifically for wall paper (I am a bit obsessed at the moment), and came across a link for none other than Target. They sell wallpaper! And cool, hip wallpaper at that. And it's cheap, relatively speaking of course. They carry Graham & Brown, which is a great company based out of England. Their designer collections are awesome, including Dwell Studio, Umbra and Thomas Paul, but my favorite group is the Young British Talent collection. And guess what Target carries? The Young British Talent collection! Why and how is Target so cool?!? Here is one of my favorites (along with its young, British designer):

If only they had it in a variety of colors. I'm afraid black and white isn't going to work in my new place. Nevertheless, I'm so happy to know that I can get cool wallpaper for a reasonable price from one of my favorite stores. Yay!

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Leah said...

Holy shit, they have over 200 choices just of Graham & Brown. THat's A LOT! Those buyers need to learn to edit. It's overwhelming to try and wade through all those pages!!!

However, I agree it's great to see that they offer it. There's some cool stuff in there. (I only made it to page four though.)