Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home is a state of mind...

It's early November and the time has come for me to start the daunting task of finding holiday gifts for all of my loved ones.  I am trying to be a bit more organized this year and am using a great website called Wishpot.  I started using it for a online wish list that I send to family on my birthday and Christmas, but they also have a great gift idea section where you can save anything that you come across online that you think will be the perfect something for that special someone.  During my "window shopping", I've discovered a theme that is striking a chord with me.  States.  Your home state, your lover's state, the state you live in.  All can be found in a variety of crafty items.  

Like these adorable pillows by Love, California:

my home state, represent!

my honey's home state

and where our hearts are

And I just love these colorful prints from {q.a.}Design:

These are actually on my wish list for any family that might be reading this (wink wink).

If you think you might like something a little more understated, these necklaces from Truche are beautiful.

This shop doesn't seem to have an Alabama necklace which is probably a gross oversight, but I still love them anyway!  

I suppose I could get this one from Wooden Nickels.  It's pretty darn cute, too.

So there are a few ideas, if you are far from home and want to feel a little bit closer or you are home and want to celebrate it!


Joel said...

These are really cool, and I can also only imagine the hours of fun to be had speculating which cities are represented by the various hearts. For example: the heart on the pillow of California seems to hover somewhere over Ukiah.

Nicole R. said...

Some states just don't take well to graphic design, and I hate to tell you guys, but Massachusetts is one of them. Too many little loose bits, maybe? California, on the other hand, looks awesome. :)

Michigan would be hard, too.