Friday, October 5, 2007

Everybody's doing it...

And so am I! I'm following the Pied Piper of Blog-in and am going to wind up in a river of interior design, cute animals, the perfect hairstyles and whatever else strikes my fancy. To start off this adventure, I was thinking of some of my favorite things (a la Maria in the Sound of Music).

Today's favorites (in no particular order) start with F:

This is my sweet kitty, Nestor.


I love this chair and ottoman set.

French Fries:

My weakness.


Hi Linds!


My beautiful sister and adorable niece.

Follicles with fringe:

Give me a break...I'm trying to work with "f" here!

So, there's a taste of me, all smashed up. More to come...

1 comment:

MISHKA said...

oh yay! you are here now. I love the haircut in the bottom right corner. Can't wait to talk Follicle Fringe with you my Friend. Oh and fries are definitely one of my favorite things...have I ever told you about my French fry diet? Yeah, it's pretty much what it sounds like.