Thursday, October 25, 2007

Only 61 shopping days left!

How ridiculous is that? It isn't even Halloween yet and I am thinking about Christmas. It all started a few days ago when I got my subscription to Blueprint magazine (not a huge fan of Martha Stewart, but I do love this publication). It was the holiday issue, with an adorable pink Christmas tree and a beautiful model wearing a super chic cocktail dress on the cover. It gave me the fever and after reading it from cover to cover I actually made a list of the people for whom I need to buy gifts. If that wasn't forward-thinking enough of me, I went so far as to PURCHASE a few gifts as well. It's not even November yet! If I weren't cognizant of my surroundings, I might actually think that someone has body snatched me. Let me explain...

Every year, I transfer all of my friend's and family's birthdays from my old calendar to my new one. While I do this, I think about how THIS year I am going to send presents to all of my friends or at the VERY least a card. And I try, I really do. I think about it the weeks leading up to each occasion. I will even go online looking for the perfect gift, but it never fails that the birthday comes and goes and I will not have purchased one single thing. With any luck, I will remember to at least call the birthday boy/girl. If only they would realize how much thought goes into their lack of gift from me. Thus the reason for me being so surprised and proud of myself for actually buying Christmas gifts well ahead of time.

Anyhoo, some of you may know my obsession with a website called Etsy. It is a virtual cornucopia of handmade artwork, jewelry, clothing and accessories. This is where most of my shopping is currently happening. I love it because most of the items are unique and certainly not mass produced. Not to mention I like feeling like I am helping out independent arteests.

Here are few things that I have gotten from Etsy:

This is by one of my favorite Etsy artists, Matte Stephens. My lovely boyfriend bought me this mod print for my b'day. Now I just have to get it framed!

I love this necklace! It was one of my staples for the summer. You can find similar items at Nouveaux Jewels on Etsy.

And these are my new favorite earrings from Foundling. I love the black and white vintage fabric that they are made from. Plus, they dangle!

Have I convinced you to go to yet? I hope you like it, because more than likely, if you get a present from me, it will be courtesy of one of the fine artists on this website. Happy shopping!

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Nicole R. said...

Did you help Joel pick that owl print out, or did he do it all by himself? It's perfect.

Did he ever sing for you the song lyrics (I've forgotten whose band it was) that chastise all the girls who've recently gotten into liking owl stuff? I think it was something along the lines of "Whoooo said / Youuuu could / Like owls / Toooo"