Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Small spaces

I live in a studio apartment and even though it is a great size, by most Boston studio apartment standards, I am always looking for ways to better utilize what room I have. So, when I saw this "sofa hanger" I became quite obsessed.

I don't have room on either side of my sofa for ends tables, so this seems like the perfect solution! Look at it in action:

Genius! But I have to say that the $245.00 price tag seems a bit steep. Does the fact that it's German make it any more reasonable? Probably not. Maybe IKEA will come out with a cheaper, yet still incredibly stylish version?

Check it out here along with alot of other cool German made stuff:
Berlin Design

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Anonymous said...

Would it look as cool made out of acrylic? Cause with a 1' x 3' piece of 3/8th inch acrylic and an industrial heat source I could make that thing in an hour or so.

- Brad