Saturday, November 3, 2007

Sunshine-y Day

This is not what today is. Today is rainy and cold and supposedly we are being hit with a Nor'easter here in Boston. I can't really tell the difference between that and really crappy weather, but I'm no meteorologist. So, to help brighten my mood (and maybe yours), I thought I would post some pictures of really bright and cheerful places. For your viewing pleasure:

An apartment building in Tokyo. Surpisingly enough, not Tokyo Disney, just Tokyo.

An apartment building in Slovenia. I never would have guessed!

This is no Barnes and Noble. It's the Kid's Republic bookstore in Beijing.

Kid's Republic

An animal shelter in Amsterdam. Oh, to be a Dutch kitten!

And then, to round things out with the cutest, most colorful picture boyfriend's nephew, Isaac, in his Halloween construction worker costume.

I mean, does it really get any cuter than this?

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Nicole R. said...

You are pretty cute yourself, missy! Isaac thanks you for the shout-out.