Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I heart Domino magazine!

A few weeks ago I was reading my friend Leah's awesomely inspiring blog, House Obsession and she mentioned how she had discovered the My Deco File feature on their website. It is a great tool for collecting all those awesome images and ideas that you find online. I don't know about you, but I always have a ton of bookmarked images saved on my computer. This makes it super easy to save them all in one place (and you won't lose them if your computer crashes!). You can even download an image grabber link so it is a easy to save any piece of irresistable eye candy that you come across.

Well, I immediately signed up for my very own deco file and was completely flattered and floored when I received an e-mail from Domino magazine saying that the deco file that I had created for my new condo was going to be featured in their best deco books gallery! (I'm number 7!) So super cool! Thank you, Domino!

If you don't have a subscription to this magazine, I highly recommend it. I am like a giddy child on Christmas morning when I open my mailbox each month and see a brand new issue waiting for me! And it makes a great gift, too! (I swear I am not getting a kickback from Conde Nast for this glowing endorsement.)

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