Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My lease is up in 2010!

And I think this is the car that I want when it is...

This is the Mini Crossover, the new SUV from the makers of the Mini Cooper. When the new Mini came on the scene in the US in 2001 I wanted one SOOO badly, but as a real estate agent their small size just didn't cut it. I definitely need room for at least 3 other people aside from myself, so I was suoer excited to see this Mini concept car. With any luck they will be hitting the cars lots in 2010 and I sure would love to have one. It is all the things I want out of a Mini Cooper (the sweet design) plus the space of a larger car (but no Escalades, please...hybrid or no). Just look at the dashboard on these babies...

Check out the crazy 3-D globe thing-y off to the right:

Displays are "stratified" in different levels and highlighted to varying degrees, depending on what's needed at the time. The view can look entirely different from the drive and passenger's perspectives, allowing the passenger, for instance, to check e-mail while the driver sees navigation information.

The driver and passenger can interact with the globe using its touch-sensitive surface, a seperate trackball or controls on the steering wheel.

Totally radical.

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